Personally, I would say yes, but recently I would have to disagree. As you might be able to see, I am typing this blog post at 2:20 am. In all honesty I am exhausted. But as I cannot sleep brings thought, and thought is the pathway to a strong mind. But isn’t proper rest also necessary? Why yes it is, and it gets plenty of rest, just not consistently and and steady. I usually will have 20 minute power naps, then after being up for 25 hours, crash and then sleep for 11 hours, and then stay up for another 25 hours with probably another 20 minute nap somewhere around the 20 hour mark. It doesn’t help that your job literally wakes you up in the middle of the night from a dead sleep to run out the door. This causes a weird life and let me tell you about it.

Now some people reading this will sit there and think, ‘Oh I do this all the time I know exactly what you are talking about’. Then there will be people who these people despise because they actually sleep normally that have no idea of this weird thing that happens to some of the best of us. I will describe it as long periods of mellow normal behavior, with usually short periods of great intellectual and physical motivation followed by a great crash that just feels like every thing has drained from you. This crash gets even worse if to enhance this ‘high’ you through a bunch of caffeine into the mix. This ‘high’ can happen at anytime. For instance, I randomly got motivation to fully clean my whole basement and then go work out this past Sunday night at about 1130 pm. When I started the entire blog I had this intellectual ‘high’ at probably 230 pm on a Wednesday afternoon. There is no rhyme or rhythm to it, it just happens. And every time it happens, everything just goes through your mind and you just think about everything. Then you need to focus this flow of ideas to one thing, or a group of things, and that is the difficult problem. Especially if you are laying down trying to sleep. You have all of these ideas running through your head and you want to focus on none of them, but they still keep running through there. But if you are awake and doing something, then those ideas and motivation can get put to the task at hand.

Lately, my brain has been excessively active, which really helps me out with solving a good amount of problems of my own, and not my own. For instance, I took 3 hours and made a complete spreadsheet of the National Budget proposal with interactive variables to reduce the deficit and debt. I wanted to send it to every single Senator, but I decided that if some 20 year old Firefighter/EMT from Ohio can figure this out, some Accountant in Washington can. I have figured out a great deal of problems recently, none of my solutions actually are being used, but what I thought was a problem has a solution that I know of. But lately there have been a few problems that seem to be unsolvable by me and my brain will not let them up. Simply put, I guess my brain wants me to solve these problems, but the solutions cannot be found yet which is causing me loss of sleep. That seems simple enough.

Now some people reading this might think that I am insane, or need to see a therapist. And to that I say pity you, this is more of a blessing than it is a curse. And don’t get me wrong, it is a curse, I cant freaking sleep. But I have concurred the world and strengthened my beliefs in my mind this whole time. I have never been more certain of my beliefs ever in my life, because I have put them to the test for my whole life. I really wish I could sleep, and I really wish I could figure out that if I do something I can get this motivation all the time. Unfortunately life isn’t a genie without legal advice, you don’t get unlimited wishes. But when Life hands you lemons, you need to find sugar and water, and make lemonade.

P.S. If you are reading this, I have not gone insane, but might be tired. Felt this needed to be put out there and I hope you liked it.

“The sleeping fox catches no poultry.”

-Benjamin Franklin