**Caution: I have been watching Parks and Recreation lately, and feel very inclined to eat a 24 oz Porterhouse, with 3 pounds of bacon, and some whiskey. Reader discretion advised.**

With week one of the Trump administration crossed out, there have been a few Executive Orders flying through Washington. But why executive orders, and why not just pass legislation that could accomplish the goal and so much more. Isn’t our ‘ineffective system'(Ron Swanson) there for a reason? It is not so much the content of the Executive Orders that I am worried about, and that is because most of which needs legislation to complete the goal anyway. But rather the fact that Executive Orders are used rather than legislation that can be combed over by multitudes of people for any flaws or mishaps.

According to CNN(The first article I came across with multiple other sources confirming), President Trump has signed 4 Executive Orders in the first 7 days of his Presidency. Those Executive orders pertain to Industry, The ACA, and Immigration. Some of these are great, and really do what needs to be done, but how could legislation not have accomplished this. Trick question, it could have, but in this system, one pen stroke is how stuff gets done. While some might think that is a good amount of Executive Orders in the first week, we could look back at President Obama’s first week. You know, when the small government conservatives were complaining about it. President Obama used 5 Executive Orders in his first week. For reference, President George W. Bush used a total of 0 Executive Orders, and President Clinton used 2.

In all total, the amount of Executive Orders used by Presidents has generally been reduced. With FDR, the only President to server more than 2 terms, having 3,721 Executive Orders given out. President Truman had 907, Eisenhower with 484, JFK with 214, and LBJ with 325 which is where it started to average out around 300. These executive orders cut around congress, and have ultimately given more and more power to the Executive Branch.

In case you still haven’t picked up, us “Libertarians” like to dissipate power so that the most power relies in the most amount of people. The closer the power is to the citizens, the more they control in their own lives. Ultimately, every person should want power to decide for themselves every aspect in their lives. *On a side note* And certainly decide what to do with their own money. 31% on a 20-year-old kid that lives with his parents still. Come on. That is outrageous.

Simply put, as a conservative, small government individual, I believe that too much power in one branch of the government is nothing but trouble. And as a sign that I recently got for free says, ‘Big Government Sucks.’ Good day, Good night, and thank you for reading.

“What then is freedom? The power to live as one wishes.”

-Marcus Tullius Cicero