This is going to be a quick post for today, be sure to check back Saturday morning for a new major blog post on a major issue we witness and hear about everyday.

So today, I had lunch with a bunch of politicians, unfortunately the Trump and Hillary campaigns were unable to make it, but we had the second best, and that was the local government hopefuls. People running for spots such as; County Commissioner, State Representative, and even one running for Congress that wasn’t originally on the list of speakers. People from all sides of the aisle, and that includes the middle of the aisle as well. As this being my first “Civic day” I have ever attended, it was surely an interesting time. And as a very observant person, I notice how people associate and converse usually, but this atmosphere was different.

Usually at events where there are people who gather together and have lunch and talk about the future, it is usually pretty segregated by choice, and people usually stay with their group and don’t mingle around a whole lot(unless you are a salesman like my father). But this gathering was different, you had candidates approaching people, and people approaching the candidates, trying to hammer out the details of each person and platform they represent. And it truly is something else. And there were 2 pretty simple rules; no national politics, and no “dirty play” as it was called. This forum was a nice platform to observe the candidates laying out their plan, and worked smoothly and wonderfully. I believe that everyone enjoyed the time, and enjoyed the opportunity to hear what people who represent them have to say.

Thanks for the quick read. Don’t forget to check out my new post on Saturday. Until then keep this in your mind.

“I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.”

– Thomas Jefferson